Huddle Room Media

Keeping the Faith in tune.

Makati City – The Huddle Room as a globally recognized native agency, keeps their faith through the magic of songs as they continue the tradition of First Friday Holy Mass even in the touch restricted set-up via online.

The newly-formed native choir, Himig Huddle, is a product of their native and innovative independence that reinforces agency’s faith in God through hymns and lyrics.

Inspired by Pope Francis words, “The Lord doesn’t call us to be soloists, but to be part of a choir that sometimes miss a note or two, but must always try to sing in unison”. This is true to the spirit of the agency’s value of bayanihan and togetherness at all times. #INNOV8WITHF8

See how Himig Huddle sings in unison for the praise of “Ama Namin” through this link

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