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The Changing Curve of Influencer Marketing: An analysis

The Huddle Room’s take on Social Media Influencers in a time of uncertainty.

The Changing Curve of Influencer Marketing: An analysis

Manila, Philippines – The use of influencers has seen increase in investment across products and services to drive not only reach and awareness but also as a tool to drive sales – both online and offline and ultimately brand affinity and love. Brands have maximized and leveraged the social clout of bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and micro influencers to make their messages cut through to their intended audiences and communities.

Influencers are known for posting varied content catering to travels, perks, lifestyle, passions and entertainment content to satisfy their followers thirst for preferential content and information.

But in the age of pandemic (health crisis) and infodemic (in social media) during this age of lockdown, were there shifts and changes in the way these influencers pivoted the way they curate, create and collaborate their content on their own feeds? Are there significant pivots on how these influencers blend in time of uncertainty and volatility?

These and more as The Huddle Room, a data driven solutions agency, provides a quick look on The Changing Curve of Influencer Marketing on Social Media.

A qualitative approach and textual analysis were made by to unveil key insights among influencers during this lockdown time in the country. Findings reveal that:

–          A move to unbranded posts across all influencer segments during ECQ period (increased unbranded content by 30%).

–          Almost 87% of these unbranded content on their feeds are feel-good, inspirational and personal content created or curated.

–          Engagements rates among observed influencers’ content added +36% pts.

–          Unbranded posts aim to show sensitivity during a crisis.

–          Bayanihan and malasakit culture was evident as they used their influence to drive help for those in need.

–          There is a significant rise of new online communities – “e-sessionista’s” that tackle varied topics to make stay at home happy, sane and worthwhile.

–          An expansive passion points were observed done by these online mavens to continue to produce content despite the lockdown limitation.

–          A new look of influencers was unveiled as they used TikTok to show their different “self” in a more comedic and playful roles.

–          Ultimately, these influencers remain to be brand advocates as they relayed relevant messaging for their brand representations.

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