Huddle Room Media

The Meeting of the Minds

Just recently, The Huddle Room’s Virtual Huddle centered around mental health talk. In line with the sudden and abrupt change of lifestyle, working environment and social interactions brought by this pandemic, a chunk of young generation workforce had a hard time dealing with what we call social distancing. This lack of social gatherings in the work place and the reinvention of home as the new work place seems to be a big adjustment that greatly impacts mental disposition and health.

This agency initiative was brought about by the sentiment and request of the agency work staff to create a session centered about one’s self being and uplifting of the mental health in this lockdown period at home. Nowadays, mental health surfaced to be a big concern not only among employees but also among employers as a way to equip their talents fully capable of performing their work-related tasks.

The virtual session was facilitated by Gayatri Hasan who tackled how to deal with stress, pressure and even internal / external factors within the work environment and even factors affecting an individual beyond work hours.

Truly, this is part of the yearlong #CreateTheFuture activities of The Huddle Room centered on moving forward beyond its 7 years of inception.

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