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The Huddle Room unveils its future; laddering up as the first Growth Agency in the Country

Manila – The Huddle Room after more than 2 years of remote working, come together as one at Sofitel Hotel, Pasay City. Prepped with their best comeback to office outfit, they formally kicked off their ninth year anniversary as a prelude to its decade of existence in 2023. They unveiled its future as an agency, that stood up for nine years as a start-up shop that turned as a standout with multiple recognitions, achievements and wins. The Huddle Room strengthened its grip on a growth mindset which is poised for a go, get and grow attitude. It officially announced its growth leadership team to further boost its organization as the premiere Growth Agency in the country. The launch culminated with a dinner by the bay spiced up by food carts and unlimited booze to graze the night.

Growth Story: Friends before Partners

The Huddle Room’s growth story started with an affirmation of partnership. Talking to the founders headed by Dimples Cruz and ably supported by Eugene Manalo, Julia Garcia, Pat Dizon and Reena Robles, as said before, they always root back on why they started? “We started as 6 friends dreaming of an agency but only 5 of us eventually grew the agency when we forged our commitment to fuel growth of our services”.

A Bond that Grows through time

Armed with unwavering integrity and sheer hard work – a bond forged the 5 of them to overcome challenges. Recounting on how they forged that bond, from a tiny room they have now The Huddle Room. “We were housed in a small room because we were the pitch team…hindi kami umuuwi, but we were very happy in that tiny room… dun nabuo friendship namin” (Reena Robles).

Growth fueled by Determination

When they started, their skills were sharpened by courage – like learning from 0 on digital. They really embraced growing their skills. They were unfazed with whatever challenges along the way. “ When we started, everyone said we would fail. It’s not always rosy, but one thing is for sure, all for one, one for all” (Dimples Cruz).

Change for growth

Even if they are getting old, these five founders are always on the go to be the sole authors of a new chapter in their story. “Kahit 9 years na tayo, I am happy to hear that everyone is open to change, to do new things” (Julia Garcia).

Growth from Within

While they are continuously coping with external changes and challenges, the 5 founders do not forget that growth should start from within. “We are built to create organic growth. Even if we started as media, we slowly grew our clients business alongside  growing our business as well.” (Eugene Manalo).

Growing a New Path

While they recognize that they were molded by great mentors and leaders, they acknowledge the need to change and make some balancing acts and embrace changing the rules. “Everyday is a delicate balancing of act of making the company grow but at the same time finding how our people will enjoy their work and grow with us”. (Pat Dizon).

Country’s Premiere Growth Agency

Inspired by our growth story, The Huddle Room is committed to help everyone find your own growth path and will do everything to enrich and empower everyone’s journey towards optimum and holistic growth – for oneself, organization and things we all value.

As the country’s pioneering growth agency, THR believes that everyone would grow with them as an indispensable partner, to clients, raw and diverse talents all over the country.

This belief is anchored on the very foundation of the agency built from trust. 

  • The unquestionable principles and ethics of the founders.
  • Customized integrated growth strategic approach
  • Their edge through an agile and growth mindset and
  • A commitment to build lasting relationships.

In an industry, crowded with creative, media and digital agencies, THR is proud to take the higher ground. We are a GROWTH AGENCY.

Because this is our greatest desire – for everyone to grow with us.

Learn more about The Huddle Room so you can grow with us too. / /

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